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Ming being considered for salary increase

McMinnville officials will be considering a salary adjustment for the city administrator.

The city’s Finance Committee will meet at 6:05 p.m. this Tuesday, March 23, to evaluate city administrator Nolan Ming’s salary of $86,673. That amount has been unchanged since his appointment to the position on May 1, 2019, and does not include a 2.5% increase recently approved for all city employees.

“While we’re here talking about pay of employees, I want to talk about Nolan’s compensation,” said Mayor Ryle Chastain during a previous meeting of the city Finance Committee to consider the 2.5% increase. “When we hired him, we hired him at a salary and that he would be re-evaluated and it would start moving up incrementally. He got evaluated and COVID-19 hit.”

Officials discussed a salary adjustment for Ming in 2020. However, he declined due to the city not providing a salary increase to any other employee.

“I don’t know how we would do it or what the number would be, but I think we need to start implementing that incremental pay increase so he can get on par with what other city managers are making,” said Chastain. 

Ming was hired by the city in July 2015 as director of its Community Development Depart-ment.

When appointed as administrator, while retaining his duties as director, his salary was bumped to $86,673. Ming had four years of experience as director of the city’s Community Development Department, but zero experience as a city administrator.

When former Public Works director Bill Brock was appointed as interim city administrator in 2014, while retaining his responsibilities as director, his salary was bumped from $86,546 a year to $92,315. Brock worked as director for 26 years and as city administrator for four years.

When former city administrator David Rutherford left the city in 2013, his ending salary was $116,000. 

Alderman Everett Brock, chair of the city Finance Committee, agreed a salary adjustment should be considered. That consideration will be given Tuesday evening.