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Milner Recreation Center opening expected in mid-March
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Spring, the season of new beginnings, will likely be just that for Milner Recreation Center.

An expected completion date in February could be delayed yet again, this time due to winter weather.

“Anticipated substantial completion date is Feb. 23, but that may need to be pushed back again due to recent weather,” said McMinnville city administrator Nolan Ming. “Our meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 16 was canceled due to weather. So, I don’t have many solid details as of this moment.”

When the Civic Center renovation project began in early 2019, its completion date was set for August 2020. Delays slowly pushed the completion date later in 2020, and then into 2021.

The first official day of spring is March 20.

“Opening is anticipated to be in mid-March,” said Ming. “There are a lot of small things to be completed, such as elevator signs, some trim work here and there, cleaning, and a last-minute issue with the Wellness Center floor.”

As for the flooring issue, “There’s a question as to the durability of the specified flooring,” said Ming, “and is it adequate for the machinery that will be placed on it, like treadmills and weight machines. We’re looking at a second/ alternative option and getting pricing on that right now.”

Paving of the front parking lot has been on hold. Tinsley Asphalt is slated to reopen in March.