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A message from director of schools Grant Swallows
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Grant Swallows

The purpose of this statement is to communicate important details in order that we can attempt to have the safest and most effective second semester of the school year in Warren County.

First, it is important to note that as we have progressed through the pandemic, the necessity of students staying in school has become imperative. Without a focus on health and safety from all of us, it becomes impossible to keep students, as well as faculty and staff, working together to educate students.  

In order for that to take place safely, we need everyone focusing individually on prevention and care. Please, the most important thing I can ask each of us to do is that if symptoms of sickness are present, do not ignore them. Take appropriate action and stay away from others especially in the school setting. Follow the advice given from your medical professionals and the guidelines that have been established by the Tennessee Department of Health.

In that regard and specifically related to COVID-19, the CDC and TDOH have updated isolation guidelines. Any person who tests positive must isolate for 5 days but can leave isolation after that time if asymptomatic and wearing a mask around others for the next 5 days. If symptoms persist or the person is unable to wear a mask, a full 10-day isolation period will be required.  Information related to this update can be found here:

Finally, I have asked many times for patience from everyone in our community as we navigate these issues. Just as we adjust in every part of our lives, our school system is doing so in so many different ways. I know these circumstances have been tough on our families.  

Our employees have continually gone above and beyond primarily because they care about the wellbeing of our kids. They have put in countless extra hours, filled in when extra work is necessary, and continually changed the way they have to do their jobs. I hope we can seek to work together with grace-filled attitudes as we work for the betterment of the kids in our schools.

Thank you,

Grant Swallows