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MES quickly fixes power outage

A power outage occurred Wednesday afternoon that left more than 700 customers of McMinnville Electric System in the dark. 

McMinnville Electric System general manager and CEO Rodney Boyd says the outage was unavoidable. 

“MES workers were replacing a power pole close to the MES substation on Cadillac Lane when the top of the pole touched a power line,” said Boyd. “When that happened, it caused a circuit breaker to trip.”

Employees worked swiftly to restore power.

“Once MES employees were able to safely get the power-pole away from the power line, they quickly reset the circuit breaker to normal,” said Boyd. “MES had 782 customers without power for approximately 60 seconds.”

Boyd said circuit breakers, whether in your home or in a distribution power circuit, are designed for protection. In this case, the circuit breaker did what it was designed to do – protect.