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A meal with meaning
living last supper- da vinci pose.jpg
Members of Covenant Fellowship Church reenact the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting during the church’s annual Living Last Supper production held Thursday night.
living last supper- jesus breaking bread.jpg
Mike Hawkins, who played the part of Jesus during the Living Last Summer performance at Covenant Fellowship Church on Thursday night, breaks bread for his disciples.

Easter is the day Christians revel in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a miracle which is the cornerstone of Christianity.

But before Jesus was crucified on the cross, he shared a meal with his Apostles where he predicts the betrayal that will soon befall him. In this Last Supper, Jesus breaks bread and drinks wine with his friends, making it clear he is giving his actual body and blood to believers for their salvation.

This Last Supper is continued, in part, today in weekly communion ceremonies, commonly called the Lord’s Supper.

The Last Supper was brought to life by members of Covenant Fellowship Church on Thursday night. Church members recreated the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting to remind audience members of the true meaning of Easter. 

While watching Jesus spend his last meal with his disciples and learning each disciple’s story, the ceremony spread an emotional, informative, and hopeful message to the congregation.

Covenant Fellowship pastor Dean Northcutt said, “People have taken the meaning of Easter for granted. It’s not about egg hunts and bunnies. We should always remember this day, especially Good Friday, when Jesus died for our sins, and Easter Sunday, when he rose from the grave for our justification.”

Shortly before Jesus was crucified, he gathered his 12 disciples around him to eat the Last Supper, while breaking bread and drinking wine. 

In regular communion ceremonies, eating the bread represents Jesus’ flesh and drinking the wine is symbolic of his blood. The Last Supper was to prepare for the son of God to give his life to save the souls of every believer, allowing their sins to be washed away.

Male members of Covenant Fellowship Church volunteered to portray Jesus and the 12 disciples. The men quietly walked into the auditorium and took the stage dressed in attire from the biblical period. They sat together behind a long table adorned with loaves of bread, woven baskets and glasses filled with red juice representing wine. 

The stage was furnished with plants, pottery and a large water pitcher and basin. A beautiful and elaborate background made by Freddy Morton, which has been used during this event for over 10 years, produced a three-dimensional effect. 

As the lines went out in the sanctuary, the stage suddenly became illuminated, showing the actors posed in the exact manner portrayed in the famous Leonardo Da Vince painting, “The Last Supper.” 

Mike Hawkins, who played Jesus, began to wash all of the disciples feet as Jesus did. As the production continued, the congregation and actors all took communion together. The story of the Last Supper was told in passionate detail, allowing audience members to better understand the deep importance and message. 

The end of the performance was inspirational in telling how each disciple suffered after the death of Jesus, yet they continued to spread the teachings of Jesus and the good news of eternal life, regardless of the consequences they may have faced.

Hawkins has been a member of Covenant for 20 years and has played Jesus in the Living Last Supper production for the past 10 years. Hawkins says, “We show the public what Christ has done for us. Communion, which represents the Last Supper, is a covenant with us. I believe it’s pivotal for the Christian religion. Celebration of the Last Supper is an important beginning to the weekend of worship.”