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McMinnville Swim Team fees go from $12 to $50
Increase to help offset pool costs
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Rachel Kirby

McMinnville Swim Team fees are increasing as a way to offset the cost of using the pool. 

At the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting earlier this month, Parks and Recreation director Justin Scott explained a few price changes to the committee. One price change is the fee for McMinnville Swim Team. The fee will increase from $12 to $50. 

Alderman Stacey Harvey explained this increase is to help offset the cost of using the pool before it is open to the public. 

“The way I understand it is we open the pool a month early to accommodate the McMinnville Swim Team at a cost of about $6,000. They are the only users of the pool at that time. So it was discussed and we recommended that we increase the rate for the swim team for that month to help offset these expenses that we wouldn’t otherwise incur without any revenue,” said Harvey.

“I woke up the next day and thought that was too much of an increase too fast,” said Alderman Rachel Kirby.

Kirby explained she spoke to Paige Northcutt who is the Swim Team coach and she said the price is reasonable. 

“She felt like it had been a gift all these years because it was $12 for your child to join and that it sounded like a reasonable amount to her,” said Kirby.

“They are getting a lot of swim time. As Mr. Stacey Harvey said, they come in a month early and get the pool for four days a week for two to three hours at a time plus their swim meets,” said Scott. “We try to accommodate the swim team and want it to continue to grow.”

Swim team members also have to buy their swimsuit which can be expensive. Kirby suggested looking into finding a sponsor or an organization to help with the cost of swimsuits for the swim team members.