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McCormick charged for passing fake bills
Anthony Brian McCormick-1.jpg
Anthony Brian McCormick

A Warren County man who allegedly attempted to pass fake money off as the real thing faces genuine charges.

Anthony Brian McCormick, 51, has been charged with three counts of criminal simulation and one count of theft under $1,000. 

McMinnville Police detective Katelyn Cannon says he’s the man identified by surveillance cameras as passing off prop money, also called motion picture money, at three Warren County businesses in an effort to purchase lottery tickets.

“He said he purchased $100 bills off Amazon,” said Cannon. “It’s legal to purchase motion picture money. What you cannot do is attempt to use it like it’s real money. That makes it criminal simulation and theft.”

What is deemed to be the best fake money didn’t pass the scrutiny of a cashier at the Shell gas station at 906 North Chancery Street.

“On March 15, he attempted to pass two of the bills at the Shell station across from Walmart,” said Cannon. “He gave her one and she identified it as fake. He attempted to give her another one. She identified that one as fake as well.” 

That failed attempt was after two successful ones. Super Gas on Sparta Street accepted three counterfeit $100 bills on March 13, while Delores Market on Smithville Highway accepted five counterfeit $100 bills on March 11. 

All three transactions were caught on surveillance cameras and all three were for the purchase of lottery tickets. 

“I was able to identify and confirm that McCormick was the person on camera at Delores Market passing the five counterfeit, or play money, $100 bills and receiving $500 of lottery tickets,” said Warren County Sheriff’s detective Aaron Roberts. “After identifying McCormick as the person on video, I signed warrants on McCormick for criminal simulation and theft of property under $1,000.”

McCormick was arrested Thursday, March 17.