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Matheny requests audit of WCSD
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Matheny Jr.
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Chris Stanford

Chris Stanford, district attorney general for the 31st Judicial District, recently issued the following press release:

During an audit requested by Sheriff Matheny as a result of the change of administrations, some irregularities were found regarding certain records and the logging of evidence. Upon learning about these irregularities, I realized that there were potential legal implications for a large number of criminal cases being prosecuted by my office in Warren County. Due to the inherent appearance of a possible conflict of interest, I sought the appointment of a substitute district attorney and assistance from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in order to ensure a fair and thorough investigation of the initial findings.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Department and 31st Judicial District Attorney’s Office have recused themselves from this investigation to prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest. The investigation will be overseen by Craig Northcott, district attorney general for the 14th Judicial District, who was appointed by the District Attorney General’s Conference and Judge Bart Stanley. More information will be released by General Northcott when it becomes available as the investigation concludes. Please direct any necessary or specific inquiries to General Northcott’s Office.

Thank you,

Chris Stanford

The Southern Standard contacted former District Attorney General Liza Zavogiannis and former Sheriff Tommy Myers for comment.

 Zavogiannis stated, “I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to make a comment.” 

Myers said, “I will have a comment later because I am not sure what they are talking about. I will be glad to comment when I know more.”

The Standard also reached out to the state comptroller's office and was informed there have been no recent audits of the Warren County Sheriff's Department by the state and the only audit the state office is aware of is the regularly scheduled annual audit.