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Mason given 30 days for domestic assault
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A man will serve a month in jail after police arrived to the scene of a domestic violence call and found his wife and children huddled inside a van, hiding from him after he came home drunk and belligerent.The defendant, Jared Andrew Mason, 30, entered guilty pleas to the charge of domestic assault and was directed by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to serve 30 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence. He was given an additional 30 days for violation of probation.Deputy Evan Cooper said he arrived at the scene near Rock Island but found no one home when he went to the door.“The door was unlocked so we entered,” he recalled. “We found blood on the floor and a number of items broken and back window broken out.”Lawmen searched the grounds and found the victim and her children inside a van.“She and her three children were hiding inside,” Cooper said.The victim told lawmen her husband came home drunk that afternoon and began an argument.“He grabbed her by the arm and threw her into the wall and then choked her, while yelling ‘I’m going to kill you,’” the officer said.Mason released her when he oldest child intervened.