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Mason to appeal convictions for curling iron attack
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Savannah Mason says she’s looking at options for appeal after a jury found her guilty of nine felonies earlier this month. “I have serious goals and dreams,” she said. “Nine felonies, that’s going to kill me.”

A local woman who was convicted of nine felonies earlier this month for a series of events that ended with her attacking an elderly couple with a curling iron in their bedroom, says she plans to appeal the verdict.

“Two older people got hurt and that is sad,” said Savannah Mason who was found guilty following a jury trial. “I’m sorry about that and I’m sad for what I put them through. But at the same time, when police arrived, they found a half-naked girl who was barefoot and who was crying and bleeding and I’m not even taken to the hospital for a blood test. I was taken to jail. If they found a blond-haired, blue-eyed girl half naked and bleeding, she would have been taken to the hospital, not taken to jail like I was.”

Mason said she would have liked to have had a blood test to better understand what happened that night in February 2020. She admits to drinking Jack Daniels and hanging out with a male friend at his home to play music, but she says she remembers very little after that. She wonders if she may have been given some type of drug without her knowledge as a possible explanation for her behavior.

Mason says she’s never been violent in her life and can’t understand why she would attack her male friend with a knife before running out of the home barefooted in the February cold. She was found guilty of aggravated assault for the knife attack.

“I had to be in fight-or-flight mode. That’s the only thing I can think of,” said Mason. “I don’t know any other reason why I would run outside with no shoes and only a sports bra in February. That’s not something anyone would do.”

After leaving that home in the rural Morrison area, Mason ran to the closest house where she used a flower pot to smash the front door in an effort to get in. Mason says the 911 tape shows she wasn’t violent when she arrived.

“It says it right on the 911 call that I rang the doorbell,” said Mason. “If I’m trying to break in or steal something, why would I go up and ring the doorbell? And again, you have a half-naked, barefooted girl banging on your door in the middle of the night. Why wouldn’t you try to help?”

When Mason couldn’t gain entry at that home, she went to the next closest house where she was able to enter through a back utility room. Mason says she has no explanation why she would attack the elderly residents in their bedroom with a curling iron she picked up in their hall bathroom.

The husband and wife were able to fend off her attack and subdue her until law enforcement arrived.

“I had no intent to harm those people and I’m sorry for what happened there,” said Mason. “Fortunately they weren’t hurt badly and they’re OK.”

Mason, 32, is set to be sentenced Dec. 15 by Judge Bart Stanley. Mason says jail time doesn’t concern her as much as having nine felonies on her record. 

She was allowed to remain out on bond until her sentencing and she continues to work at a local restaurant until that time.

“I have a future. I have serious goals and dreams,” Mason said. “I don’t deserve nine felonies for this. Nine felonies, that’s going to kill me. That’s why I want to appeal this decision. I want to take it as far as I can. I don’t know what happened that night, but that’s not me. I’m not a violent person. I’ve never been a violent person. That’s why there should have been a blood test. The EMS run report even suggested that I be taken to the hospital, but that didn’t happen.”