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Marttala leaves role after over 20 years
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McMinnville’s Regional Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals members sent off one of their own Sept. 27.

David Marttala has spent more than 20 years serving the city on various boards and commissions pertaining to Community Development Department. 

He was asked the good and the bad of a volunteer position which requires its members to approve and/or deny the requests of property owners based on McMinnville Zoning Code. 

“Working with these folks,” Marttala said of the good. “The staff has always been so professional and they’ve done a good job of keeping us informed on what we need to hear in terms of making decisions. It makes a big difference to have a good staff.” 

Approvals are easy; denials are difficult. 

“The tough ones are controversial requests where neighbors are unhappy,” said Marttala. “You just try to stick to the code and follow the law.” 

Jerry Williamson added, “When you have a family member making a request that you have to deny, that’s not going to be easy.” 

Appreciation was expressed.

“I want to say thank you,” said Community Development Department director David Baird. “Truly, thank you. You’ve served for so long that no one remembers when you first started. It has been a long, long time.” 

Williamson stated, “David, we would all like to thank you. You’ve done a wonderful job. I appreciate your service.” 

“You have done a very good job, David,” said Jim Brock. 

Williamson was appointed as chairman of the McMinnville Regional Planning Commission, Rachel Kirby as vice-chairman, and Brock as secretary. It will be the recommendation of the commission to appoint Ben Myers to fill the vacancy. 

Williamson was appointed chairman of the Board of Zoning Appeals, Emily Stefanick as vice-chairman, and Brock as secretary. It will be the recommendation of the board to appoint Dan Sellers to fill the vacancy. 

Both appointment recommendations will be submitted to the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen by Mayor Ryle Chastain for its consideration. 

Along with words of gratitude, Marttala was presented a plaque by Baird and, immediately following the meeting, a luncheon in his honor.