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Marion gunman leaves one dead in Grundy
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Grundy County authorities have confirmed a shooting Sunday left one woman dead and three others injured.

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum said a 32-year-old woman, Nicole Powell, was fatally shot and three others were injured in a domestic incident in Altamont. Nicole Powell’s husband, John Wesley Smith, 38, is in custody and believed to be the shooter.

The Grundy County Herald reports Smith entered a residence in Altamont belonging to his wife’s father, Jerone Powell, 50. Sheriff Shrum says there were six children inside the residence when the incident occurred.

When Smith entered the home, his wife and Christopher Gary Hurst, 38, from Bridgeport, Ala., reportedly tried to leave but he shot them, according to reports.

The woman’s father shot at and hit Smith, keeping him from continuing to fire. The father also was shot during the melee.

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office issued the following statement: “Sheriff Clint Shrum confirms that deputies responded to 12466 SR 56 in Altamont, where four people were reported shot and the shooter was still on the scene. When deputies arrived they immediately took John Wesley Smith, 37, into custody. Emergency medical services were called for the victims which included homeowner Jerone Powell, 50, and the shooter’s wife Carolyn Nicole Powell, 32. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The shooter and the two male victims were transported to area hospitals.”

Smith is from Marion County and has a lengthy criminal history, according to the Grundy County Herald. Sheriff Shrum has requested assistance from the District Attorney’s Office and the TBI.