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Manuel charged with identity theft
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Identity theft charges have been filed against a man accused of living under another person’s name.
The suspect, Manuel Felipe Manuel, 41, has been bound to the grand jury on charges of forgery and identity theft.
An accident led to uncovering Manuel’s fake identification. According to Highway Patrol Investigator Jeff Phann, review of evidence involving the crash threw up red flags. Manuel had given the name Raul Reynaldo Rodriguez Jr., as his name following a wreck. However, the investigator found the suspect was not who he said he was.
“Mr. Rodriguez is from Texas and still lives in Texas,” Phann revealed, noting he took the evidence to Yorozu, where Manuel works and confronted him. “When questioned, he confessed that he was Manuel Felipe Manuel.”
Manuel told the investigator he bought the fraudulent documents and used them to go to work at Yorozu.
Adding to the charges against Manuel was that he had signed documents professing to be Rodriguez.