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Man shot at interstate gas station
Jonathan Meyer is being treated for his injuries at a Chattanooga area hospital.

A former Warren County resident continues to receive medical care at a Chattanooga hospital after being shot Monday morning when he pulled over at a gas station off Interstate 75 in North Georgia.

Jonathan Meyer, 30, does not have feeling in his legs, according to family members, but his surgeon is remaining optimistic his health could improve once swelling recedes around his spinal cord.

Meyer reportedly attended a wedding in this area last weekend and was driving back to his new home in Clearwater, Fla., when the shooting took place.

A Sparta man, Michael Sean Conner, has been charged with the shooting. He was captured Monday in Marion County after a police chase.
A woman, Destany Marie Shubert, 20, of LaFayette, Ga., was also arrested in connection with the shooting, while another woman remained at large as of Saturday morning.

The shooting took place on Highway 140 near I-75. Meyer pulled into the parking lot of a Quik Trip gas station, a popular spot for tired travelers to grab some sleep, according to Adairsville Police Chief Mike Jones.

Video surveillance shows Meyer’s pickup pulled next to a Toyota Camry which had been in the parking lot for about four hours. Two women inside the Camry had already been inside the store and clear footage of their faces was captured on camera. They had returned to the Camry by the time Meyer arrived.

A male inside the Camry did not leave the vehicle until after Meyer arrived around 2:30 a.m. The man, identified as Conner, got out of the car around 3:30 a.m. Investigators say he appeared to place something in the back of Meyer's truck, awakening him.

Conner then reportedly brandished a handgun and demanded for Meyer to get out of the pickup. When the victim began to leave the parking spot, police say the suspect started firing.

Meyer was reportedly shot in the chest. He then crashed his truck into two other vehicles waking up the people sleeping inside them.
Meyer lived in Warren County until a couple years ago and still has family in this community.