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Man loses hand
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A Morrison Industries employee is recovering from a Tuesday afternoon accident where his hand was completely cut off by a saw.

Morrison Industries CEO Jacob Wilson did not identify the male employee out of privacy concerns, but said the accident took place in an area where the company has multiple steel saws for cutting metal.

“As a team, we are devastated,” said Wilson. “We never want anyone to experience what our injured teammate and his colleagues experienced on Tuesday. The accident is a stark reminder of the constant vigilance needed to stay safe in an industrial environment.”

Wilson described the man as in stable condition and recovering. He said he is in the best spirits as can be expected considering the severity of his injury. He was not able to have his hand surgically reattached.

The accident took place Tuesday at 2:50 p.m. Wilson praised the man’s nearby co-workers, who he said had a tourniquet on his arm in under a minute. He said Morrison Industries has an extensive safety training program, which is training the company pays for but never wants to see put to use.

“Our internal first-responder team did an awesome job. They saved their colleague’s life,” said Wilson. “I am praying like crazy for our injured teammate and his loved ones.”

Morrison Industries continues to investigate the accident. Wilson noted the company has a very strong safety rating and said this is the first major accident in company history. The Wilson family bought the business in 1994.

Morrison Industries is located on Progress Boulevard at Mt. View Industrial Park. The business specializes in metal fabrication and manufactures, among other items, shipping containers, trailers, and industrial carts.