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Man killed after drunken night
Murder scene.jpg
Javier Wiley was reportedly shot and killed outside Apartment 2 at 124 Fair Street early Saturday morning.

A drunken night of partying at a bar in Murfreesboro has left one man dead and another charged with his murder.

Javier Wiley, 30, was shot and killed early Saturday morning outside an apartment on Fair Street, according to McMinnville Police.

James Tyler Garrett, 30, is charged with criminal homicide in Wiley’s death and is being held at Warren County Jail without bond. Garrett reportedly walked outside his apartment and shot his friend multiple times with an AR-15. The incident was reported at 2:56 a.m. Saturday morning.

According to McMinnville Police Chief Nichole Mosley, Wiley and Garrett had been drinking Friday night at a bar in Murfreesboro. Garrett’s wife Megan was with the two friends.

On the return trip to McMinnville, they stopped at a store in an attempt to buy cigarettes.

“Tyler Garrett went inside the store to buy cigarettes, but his behavior was so bad the store refused to sell him anything,” said Chief Mosley. 

“When Garrett got back in the car, Wiley started to make comments about his obnoxious behavior and the two started arguing,” Mosley said.

The argument escalated on their return trip to McMinnville.

“At some point they pulled over on the side of the road and there was a physical altercation between the two,” said Mosley. “Then they got back in the car and continued driving back to McMinnville.”

The argument continued until they reached the Garrett home at Apartment 2 at 124 Fair Street. Garrett reportedly went inside and came out on the porch holding an AR-15.

“He says Wiley started to come at him and that’s why he started firing,” said Mosley. “He was shot multiple times.”

In addition to striking Wiley, stray bullets also entered a nearby home. Fortunately, no one was injured. Wiley could face additional charges for putting residents of the nearby home in danger.

Wiley and Garrett are said to be friends dating back to their time at Warren County High School. According to WCHS yearbooks, Wiley graduated in 2008 and Garrett graduated in 2009.