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Man jailed after looking for wife
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A man was given half a year behind bars for busting into a Morrison residence while looking for his wife.
The man, Thomas Ray Patterson, 35, was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 180 days of a three-year sentence for aggravated assault and aggravated burglary. He must also undergo a mental evaluation.
His jail time comes after he entered a Jacobs Street home without permission in the pre-dawn hours of the morning.
“He kicked in the rear door of the residence,” said sheriff’s investigator Aaron Roberts. “Once inside the residence, the victim awoke to find Mr. Patterson standing at the top of the steps inside the residence.”
The victim said there was a brief struggle between them and Patterson pulled a knife.
“Patterson threatened him with a large folding knife,” Roberts said.
The investigator discovered the reason for the intrusion was Patterson was looking for his wife.
“He forced the victim to open all the rooms and doors in the residence looking for his wife,” Roberts noted.
Convinced his wife was not inside the residence, Patterson left without a further fight.