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Man high in road
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A man who stumbled into the road while huffing fumes has been given four months in jail after police shut down a lane of traffic to prevent him from being run over.
The man, John H. Northcutt, 22, was ordered to serve 120 days for inhaling intoxicants and public intoxication.
McMinnville policeman Matthew Stubblefield responded to a call of a skateboarder inhaling computer duster in the area of Northgate Center.
“I saw him with a skateboard, stumbling into the roadway of Smithville Highway from Northgate Drive,” the officer said. “He was holding a can of computer duster.”
The suspect stumbled into the road as the lawman was watching.
“I closed down a lane of Smithville Highway and made contact with him,” Stubblefield said, noting he took possession of the bottle and felt it to be cold. “That indicated he had just used it.”
The officer said Northcutt appeared to be under the influence and was taken into custody on the spot.