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Man fires shotgun into trailer
Frankie Lee George.jpg

A man who nearly hit children while doing donuts in his front yard, then fired a shotgun through his trailer, has been given a four-year prison sentence.

Frankie Lee George, 27, was ordered to serve 360 days of the four-year sentence behind bars with the balance to be served on probation. He pled to one count of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, a shotgun, and two counts of aggravated assault.

The incident which led to George’s arrest occurred in June when his wife reportedly asked for the return of money he had taken from her. George left the residence on Swan Mill Road in a vehicle, then returned a short time later to do donuts in the front yard where six children were playing. A relative got the children out of the yard and into the trailer while George took out his mailbox with the vehicle.

According to the warrant for his arrest, George then went to a shed in the backyard where he retrieved a shotgun. He then marched onto the porch where a female friend stood in the doorway between George and his wife. George ordered the woman out of the way, claiming he was going to blow his wife’s head off.

When the friend refused to budge, George reportedly fired the shotgun to the right of her. The blast went through the trailer, through sheetrock, and into a bedroom with a children’s playpen. It left a hole in the outside of the trailer approximately 2 inches in diameter.

After the shot was fired, the women tried to flee inside the trailer but George gave chase. At that point, a male relative tackled George, dragged him outside, and took the shotgun away from him. George was sitting across the street when a deputy arrived and he was taken into custody. 

George will be allowed to enter the TN Rocks program, a new initiative that provides an alternative to jail time. His sentenced was handed down Dec. 19 by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley.