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Man charged for neglecting his children
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A father faces child neglect charges after he was found passed out, leaving his children unattended.
The father, James M. Lange, is charged with child abuse and neglect for not properly caring for his 3- and 1-year-old children.
“He was asleep or passed out in a chair inside his apartment at High Gardens,” reported McMinnville policeman Robert Hutchins. “I could not wake him up.”
The officer summoned paramedics who were able to get him up. They noticed he smelled of alcohol.
The patrolman noted the two small children were found outside the apartment.
“The children were left outside, unattended for two hours,” Hutchins stated. “The kid’s diapers were soiled and changed by a neighbor.”
 Hutchins said he called the Department of Children’s Services to the scene to investigate. The children were released to a family member.
In addition to facing the child neglect charge, Lange has been hit with charges of failure to appear for not showing up for his court date.