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Man charged for belt whipping
A man faces child abuse charges for allegedly striking his 5-year-old daughter repeatedly with a belt after picking her up from school.The suspect, Matthew R. Robertson, 27, is charged with child abuse of a child under 8.According to McMinnville policeman Matthew Stubblefield, the child was found with belt marks on her waist, thigh and buttocks as well as an abrasion on her cheek. The injuries were photographed and the child was interviewed.“She said that he had picked her up from school and she was crying and he told her to stop crying,” the officer reported, noting the girl said she was still crying when they arrived home. “At that time she said he hit her in the face and, since she was still crying, he took her to the bathroom and hit her with his belt.”The officer said he then made contact with the suspect and received a statement about his version of events.