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Man caught on camera stealing camera
Jason Douglas Finger is charged with theft and vandalism.

A man has been caught on camera while stealing a security camera from a Newtown business.
The man, Jason Douglas Finger, 33, is charged with theft and vandalism for snatching the security device from the back of Hina Market on Nashville Highway. He is set to appear before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on Nov. 22 to answer the misdemeanor charges.
Finger was collared after a security camera disappeared from the rear of Hina Market. According to McMinnville police detective Marty Cantrell, Finger recently had a disagreement with the store owner who had extended him credit.
“Mr. Finger got mad,” Cantrell said, noting the suspect stormed out of the store after having words with management. “That’s when he pulled off a security camera from the back of the store.”
The detective says Finger must not have realized the memory card that saves the video is located inside the store and not in the camera itself. The camera Finger allegedly stole reportedly caught a good image of him ripping the camera from its mounting.
“He did some damage when he pulled the camera down so that’s why he also faces vandalism charges,” Cantrell noted.