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Man borrows car, wrecks it, doesn't mention damage
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A produce vendor faces hit-and-run charges after reportedly borrowing a friend’s car, crashing into another vehicle, and then returning the car without mentioning the damage.

Morrison resident Seth Lee Greene, 35, faces the charge of leaving the scene of an accident for an incident which allegedly happened last weekend.

According to the McMinnville Police Department report, a car was parked at Sonic last Saturday morning, Aug. 6. When the owner came out and noticed disabling damage to her car, Sonic surveillance footage was observed.

“The driver of the Ford Flex exited the vehicle and inspected the damage to both cars and then left the scene in the Ford Flex,” officer Justin Colwell wrote after watching the footage. Officers were on the lookout for a vehicle matching the description of the Ford Flex when they received a call from a Farmers Market vendor. The 70-year-old vendor said she noticed damage to the front of her vehicle that had not been there before. She said she had let Seth Greene drive her vehicle earlier that day. When showed the video footage from Sonic, the woman confirmed it was Greene who got out and inspected both vehicles.

Officer Colwell walked over and questioned Greene, who was also selling produce at the market. “Seth was wearing the same shorts from the video but had changed shirts,” officer Colwell wrote.

After originally denying involvement, Greene reportedly admitted to being responsible.

“Seth stated he intended on going back to Sonic and giving the victim his insurance information and that he was in a hurry,” said Colwell. “He stated he did not want to stop and call police because he wanted to break the news to his friend that he had just wrecked her car.”

Greene was in Traffic Court on Thursday and will make his next court appearance Oct. 20.