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Man arrested for attack with baseball bat
Roman Couillard- cope street picture.jpg
Police officers were called to Cope Street on Wednesday afternoon to investigate a man being struck in the head and neck with a baseball bat by a neighbor. - photo by Atlanta Northcutt
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A man who allegedly struck his neighbor in the head and neck with a baseball bat Wednesday afternoon has been charged with felony aggravated assault. 

Roman Patrick Couillard, 26, was arrested Wednesday afternoon at his residence on Cope Street. The warrant states Couillard’s neighbor, Jessica Elrod, walked across the street to speak with Brooke Couillard regarding an incident on Facebook.

While Elrod was speaking with Brooke at her doorway, Roman Couillard drove up, exited the vehicle and began yelling in Elrod’s face. Christopher Elrod, Jessica’s husband, witnessed Roman yelling at his wife, crossed the street and was standing behind his wife trying to get her to leave the Couillard’s property. 

Christopher claims as they were yelling at each other, Roman Couillard grabbed a pink baseball bat, reached over Jessica Elrod, and hit Christopher on the left side of his head and neck. Visible marks were seen on Christopher’s neck.

After Christopher was struck in the head with the bat, Roman Couillard closed the door, and the Elrods went back to their residence and waited for officers to arrive. 

Couillard has a past history of violence with one resulting in him serving four months in jail for a drive-by shooting in 2015 when he fired a gun in the direction of a home on Old Beersheba Road following a dispute with the man who lived there.

Upon arrest, Couillard refused to sign his arrest warrant. His bail is set at $15,000, and he will make his initial appearance in court March 10.