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Main Street McMinnville loses funding

McMinnville officials have chosen to hold off on their financial allocation to Main Street McMinnville due to recent controversy within the organization.

“We are unhappy with the situation over there and we didn’t want to give money that could become part of a lawsuit settlement,” said Alderman Everett Brock. “When they get their act together and get everything going, we will revisit this. We aren’t putting it in the budget at this time. We didn’t want taxpayer dollars paying for a lawsuit, or paying for damages caused by a lawsuit.”

Those words came following a Wednesday meeting of the city Finance Committee to consider nonprofit, civic allocations for 2021-22. Main Street McMinnville requested $40,000, an amount the city of McMinnville has given in recent years.

The controversy stems from Main Street McMinnville former director Teresa Prober alleging bullying by two Main Street board members. The organization’s Governance Committee presented its findings of an internal investigation and those members determined there was evidence of bullying. However, no action was taken against those members.

It is unknown if a lawsuit has been filed.

Considered and accepted for nonprofit donations in committee were: 

• Rescue Squad $6,294

• UCHRA dues $2,721

• Library $72,000

• UCD District Assessment $2,858

• Chamber of Commerce/ dues $5,500

• Chamber of Commerce $112,200

• Meals on wheels $12,000

• Warren County Food Bank $2,000

• BRAC $10,000

• Senior Citizens $29,000

• Families in Crisis $10,000

• Caring Hearts United $7,900

• Young Men United $7,900

• Kids of the Community $10,000

• Books from Birth $7,000

• Tourism Development Board $60,000

• Black History Museum $15,000

• Habitat for Humanity $10,000

• Homeless of McMinnville Effort $10,040

The allocation list will be included in the city’s consolidated budget for 2021-22 and presented to the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration. Changes can still be made.