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Main Street Live ends in heartbreaking rainout
Main Street Live rainout band.jpg
John Salaway and the Stones River Saints left the stage far too soon Friday night. After one song, rain ended the concert. Pictured, from left, are Josh Horne, Lauren Abels, John Salaway, Emily Inman, Scotty Rollins and Jay Szalay, as they stood under the overhang of Security Federal Savings Bank waiting for the rain to subside. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
Main Street Live rainout2.jpg
Patsy Russell was among the audience members who was determined to outlast the rain that showered the Main Street Live concert Friday night -- and she did. Sadly, her dedication did little to prevent the inevitable. Rain canceled the show due to a fear of electrocution for the band working around electrical equipment. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

The Main Street Live summer concert series ended Friday almost the same way it began June 11 – with a rainout.

John Salaway and the Stones River Saints took the stage at 7 p.m. and kicked off its first set with “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. 

Unbeknownst to the band, it would also be the heartbreaking last song. Rain began to fall as the first song neared its end. 

“This is definitely not how we wanted the concert to go,” said Salaway. “One song? That’s disappointing for the audience and us. We had been looking forward to this concert.”

Josh Horne added, “We were all excited.”

“It’s a definite letdown,” said Jay Szalay, shaking his head. 

The band, as well as the dedicated members of the audience, waited more than 20 minutes for the rain to pass. However, when it did, the stage (a driveway beside Security Federal) was scattered with standing water and the fear of electricity/ electrocution ended the wait-and-see attitude at 7:30 p.m. 

Forever Abbey Road was slated to kick off the season on June 11 with a Beatles tribute. It is also a band featuring John Salaway. That concert was canceled prior to the performance and a rescheduled date has been selected. 

“This isn’t the end,” said Main Street McMinnville Board member Rodney Boyd. “We’ve got Forever Abbey Road on Nov. 5. That date has been confirmed with Park Theater. We hope people come out and enjoy a Beatles tribute indoors at Park Theater.” 

Main Street Live is a production of Main Street McMinnville.