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Machete allegedly wielded in attack
Kebert, Autin.jpg

A man who reportedly barged into his ex-girlfriend’s home with a machete, assaulting her and her new boyfriend, has been arrested on felony charges.

Austin Taylor Kebert, 19, is charged with aggravated assault, theft of property, and aggravated burglary.

The chain of events that led to Kebert’s arrest allegedly began Feb. 4 when he asked his ex-girlfriend Kimberly Anaya for the keys to her car so he could retrieve some of his possessions. But instead of getting his stuff, Kebert decided to drive away with the entire car, a 2008 Ford Focus.

Anaya said she finally located her car one week later at Westside Manor Apartments, according to the warrant for Kebert’s arrest. When she asked him for the key, Kebert reportedly told her to pay him $300 for repairs he had made to the vehicle. Anaya said she authorized no such repairs.

Later that day, Kebert showed up at Anaya’s apartment. Assuming he was there to return her car, she opened the door.

But instead of car keys, Kebert had a machete in his hand and reportedly entered the residence without her permission.

“She stated she began screaming and he told her that he would kill her if she did not stop,” the arrest warrant says.

Kebert then kicked down the back bedroom door and began punching Matthew Muncey because he was dating his ex-girlfriend, Muncey told police. 

“When Austin Kebert kicked the door in, he told him that he had ruined his relationship and then began attacking him,” the report says.

Upon investigation, McMinnville police officer Toby Lewis observed a busted door frame to the back bedroom door, evidence that indicated a struggle had occurred in the living room, and injuries to Muncey’s face.