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Luna indicted on 64 sex charges

A McMinnville man who was already accused of holding down a female family member and forcibly raping her was indicted on 64 more sex-related charges last Friday.

Law enforcement officials say it was an emotionally difficult day of Warren County grand jury action as indictments were handed down against three men for alleged sex acts involving minors.

Rosalio Regalado Luna, 42, was indicted on three additional rape charges last Friday along with 61 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure. One of the victims was under 13 while the other had recently turned 13, according to the indictments.

Luna was initially arrested Nov. 10 after the youngest victim was interviewed by investigators with the Sheriff’s Department and the Department of Children’s Services.

“She disclosed that Luna had forced her to have sex and that he would hold her down while having sex with her,” said the warrant for Luna’s arrest. “She also disclosed this was done on more than one occasion.”

The continuing investigation revealed a second alleged victim and resulted in the 64 additional indictments against Luna last Friday.

Two indictments for rape were also handed down against McMinnville resident Robert Graham Walker, 21. The indictments contend Walker “did engage in unlawful sexual penetration” between the dates of April 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021. Walker was 20 at the time and the alleged victim was 13.

Warren County resident Corey Wade Davis, 41, was indicted last Friday on charges of aggravated statutory rape and sexual battery by an authority figure. Statutory rape means the alleged incident was consensual, but it involved a juvenile. The charge is aggravated because there is greater than 10 years difference in age.

The indictment contends the unlawful sexual contact happened between Jan. 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021. The alleged victim would have been 15 or 16.