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Lt. Robinson named head of school security
new guy, fist bump.jpg
Lt. Ray Robinson receives a fist bump from Centertown School student Nora Harvey. Robinson has been named to oversee security for the Warren County School District. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Students and teachers deserve a safe environment in which to learn and teach. 

With continued emphasis on school safety, Warren County Schools has created a new position.

Lt. Ray Robinson is joining Warren County Schools as School Safety & Security Coordinator. 

“Our goal is simple, to continue to educate and protect our most valuable resource: our children. This goal will never be taken lightly,” said Robinson.

Robinson has lived in Warren County for 33 years. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, he served for more than 31 years with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

School communities face a range of threats and hazards and have unique needs and challenges when it comes to safety and security. With that in mind, the district piloted the new position through the use of federal money aimed at keeping students and employees safe.

“We are thrilled to have someone like Lt. Robinson join our staff in this new role,” said

Director of Schools Grant Swallows. “When we first started discussing this job he was at the top of our list. In my discussions with him, he continually talked about his love for kids and serving them. That coupled with his experience makes him the ideal person to lead these efforts.”

The School Safety & Security Coordinator job purpose is listed as, “manage safety and security programs for the school district and will oversee emergency response procedures.”

The essential job functions are related to auditing the current operations and procedures of all schools throughout the district in order to make sure safety and preparedness are paramount.

“We are really just looking for someone to come in and join an already strong team to be solely focused on helping us improve,” said Swallows. “We have made lots of advancements in the last few years but we must remain diligent. Safety is our top priority.”

Robinson recently retired from the Tennessee Department of Safety after a long, distinguished career. He spent the last 23 years of his career as the Director of Pupil Transportation for the entire state of Tennessee.

“I knew I needed to do something,” said Robinson regarding his dislike for retirement. “Sitting around isn’t for me. When Dr. Swallows called wanting to know if I would consider this position, I said I definitely would. Children are our future. I see this as an investment in our future, an investment in hope. I’m not here to make changes. I’m here to help encourage and strengthen what Warren County Schools is already doing to protect the school community.”