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Loud muffler leads to chase
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A man has been charged with evading arrest after he tried to give deputies the slip on a motorcycle with a loud muffler.
The man, Joe Michael Esmeyer, 23, has been bound to the grand jury on the criminal count of evading arrest by motor vehicle. His case is expected to be heard by the next meeting of the tribunal scheduled for Friday.

Sheriff’s deputy Jared Jacobs said it was the loud sound from the 2015 Suzuki that caught his attention.

“The motorcycle was traveling south on Highway 70 Bypass with an extremely loud muffler,” Jacobs said, noting he got a look at the driver and realized there was an active warrant on him. “I tried to stop the vehicle but he fled the stop.”
Jacobs said he chased the motorcycle for 19 minutes before losing visual contact. During that time, Jacobs said Esmeyer used daredevil tactics to escape.

“He passed numerous vehicles and disregarded numerous traffic laws and endangered fellow motorists,” Jacobs said.
While Esmeyer got away, he was later arrested as Jacobs made a positive identification of the suspect. Jacobs found out Esmeyer’s license had been suspended since late last year.