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Local youngster fighting leukemia
Jacob Dodd photo--Briggs Davis, 4, walks the survivor lap with his family during Relay for Life on Friday Night at Nunley Stadium. Briggs is flanked by his grandfather Rex Graham, left, and his dad Corey Davis. Briggs was recently diagnosed with leukemia on March 28.
Among a sea of cancer survivors strolling around the track at Nunley Stadium on Friday night for Relay for Life, there was one darting around at an alarming pace.It was 4-year-old Briggs Davis.The son of Corey and Jaclyn Davis, little Briggs was diagnosed with leukemia March 28.“It was a shock to all of us,” said Jaclyn. “He was always so healthy, never sick.”Briggs was living the life of a typical lad, full of energy and excitement. When he began to regularly complain about pain in his leg, the family decided to get it checked out.“After a number of appointments and tests, we finally found out it was this,” said Jaclyn.