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Local Trump fan arrested for threats
Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.
A man faces felony assault charges after he allegedly threatened his neighbors with a hammer because he believed they had stolen his Donald Trump for President sign out of his yard because they are Hispanic.The man, William Van Valkenburg, 60, could face three to six years in prison if he is convicted on the charge of aggravated assault.The victim, who is a Hispanic female, said Valkenburg came out of his Peers Street home and began screaming at her.“You b…., you need to go back where you come from,” she claims her neighbor screamed at her before he stormed to his backyard and started yelling at her husband and brother.The woman said Valkenburg then came back to where she was mowing and told her that he was going to “blow their heads up.” That’s when she says he went into his house and came back out clutching a hammer.“He was making motions like he was going to throw the hammer at me,” she swore in her warrant against her neighbor.Another neighbor, who overheard the commotion, called police. It was later they reportedly learned why Valkenburg was so irate.“He was agitated because someone had stolen his Trump signs from his yard,” the victim maintained, adding he had assumed it was her and her family because they are Hispanic.