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Local author pens self-help book
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Brandi Gann has written a 101-page paperback book titled “Facing Life’s Challenges with God’s Help” to provide guidance and inspiration for people in their everyday lives. The book is available for $12. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

McMinnville resident Brandi Gann has written a book for women entitled “Facing Life’s Challenges with God’s Help.” 

Gann draws from her experience as a mental health counselor to teach lessons about moods, discipline, modesty, abortion, and other issues.

“When I got into that field, I wanted to teach people Bible principles and what the Bible says about how they are supposed to conduct their lives because so many people go down the wrong path,” said Gann. “I have heard it said there is not a manual for life, but there is – it’s the Bible.”

After having her first child in 2014, Gann decided to leave her career in counseling to be a stay-at-home mom. However, she felt she could still counsel people through her writing, even if she wasn’t in the office. It only took a month for Gann to write the manuscript, but the editing process took about a year.

“I felt like there were people out there who could benefit from this book because we all need a little help sometimes,” said Gann. “The Bible is the best place to go because there is no self-help book that will help you as much as the Bible will. You just have to read it.”

“Facing Life’s Challenges with God’s Help” is written in a problem-solution format using examples from Gann’s cases with female clients. Gann gives a brief description of specific cases while maintaining client confidentiality, along with biblical teaching taken from the King James Version.

When asked who could benefit from her book, Gann responded “anyone” saying that each chapter includes Bible verses that helped her clients navigate their challenges.

“Sometimes people go to other humans who don’t have all the answers, but God has all the answers because He created us and what better way to seek help than through His Word,” said Gann.

“Facing Life’s Challenges with God’s Help” is a 101-page paperback book with a retail price of $12. It is published by Yeomen Press and can be purchased online or through Gospel Advocate, 1006 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville.