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Local artist makes use of bald spot
Tattoo head original
Keith Francis shows some of his artwork, including his rendition of The Station Pure Art.

Local resident Keith Francis decided to make good use of his bald spot.

He got a tattoo on the top of his head.

“This is something I’ve been threatening to do since 1965,” said Francis, 71, who says he has long had the bald spot.

Francis said he was told by the tattoo artist the top of the head is certainly a unique spot for a tattoo.

It’s also a spot he can’t see so he was eager to look at a picture of the tattoo once it was made.

“They do a lot of neck tattoos so he told me to expect it to be really painful,” said Francis. “I never really felt a thing. I kept asking when he was going to start. It was a little pressure. That’s about it.”

Asked why he got the tattoo of a boy pushing an old-fashioned lawnmower, Francis said, “That’s what I grew up mowing the grass with. I grew up with my uncle beating me with a stick, getting me out there to mow the lawn, and that’s the type of mower I used.”

It’s the first tattoo for Francis, who wants to add another.

“I want to get one more of a ’65 Mustang, my first car,” said Francis. “Then that will be it.”

As a hobby, Francis enjoys creating his own artwork and does paintings on canvas and even saw blades.