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Limited intellect, infinite wisdom
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How can the limited intellect of mankind understand the infinite wisdom of God?

That was a question posed Tuesday at Central Church of Christ by visiting preacher Barry Kennedy.

“If you see God for who he is, it will force you to see yourself for who you are,” said Kennedy during the annual Friends & Neighbors luncheon in the church’s fellowship hall.

Kennedy said the only way to view God is as holy, holy, holy. He pointed to Isaiah in the Bible as a person who began to recognize that he was “undone and half-baked” and that realization helped Isaiah form a better relationship with God.

“God shows us who we should be – his children, his servants,” said Kennedy. “If I truly know what God has done four me, I can’t hold it in. I can’t keep it to myself.”

Kennedy asked members of the audience what they would do if they found a cure for cancer. He said the obvious answer would be to share that cure with everyone so people around the globe could benefit.

He said the same thing should take place among Christians. They should spread God’s word.

“How do we know God?” asked Kennedy. “He reveals himself in the Bible. The greatest love we can show God is obedience to his word.”