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Lightning strike ignites fire
Long Mountain Road.jpg
Harrison Ferry firefighters work to extinguish a blaze on Long Mountain Road on Tuesday morning caused when lightning struck an outbuilding.

Lightning is being blamed for a Tuesday morning fire atop Harrison Ferry Mountain.

It occurred during heavy storms that brought downpours and loud thunder.

Long Mountain Road residents John and Sarah Scott had their large outbuilding destroyed by lightning. The outbuilding suffered the brunt of the lightning strike, but the heat also caused the vinyl siding to melt on the portion of their home closest to the shed.

There were no injuries.

Harrison Ferry Fire Department responded and had the blaze under control. Flames lingered for about an hour due to gasoline and other flammables inside. Firefighters were able to tap into a fire hydrant located in the Scotts front yard to fight the fire without water being an issue.

“I was about the get on the computer when I heard an explosion outside,” said John. “I knew it was close, but I didn’t know it hit that close. It blew out our internet and our phones and it fried our security cameras. It damaged the side of our house.”

The outbuilding is a total loss. The Scotts do have insurance.

“I had two generators in there, no telling how many hand tools, fishing tackle, a pressure washer, row tiller, the usual stuff,” said John. “But I’m glad it didn’t hit the house.”