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Library offers chance to learn about dinosaurs
Library, Candace Potter.jpg
Candace Potter was excited about hearing the book “Dinosaur Adventures: T. Rex – The Big Scare” which was read Wednesday at Magness Library. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
Library, Rihanna Sobota.jpg
Rihanna Sobota plays with dinosaurs in a bucket of sand Wednesday at Magness Library. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Budding paleontologists embarked on an expedition of discovery Wednesday, if you can dig that. 

“Welcome to Dig Day, and these are your dig sites,” said Magness Library assistant director Merissa Chapman. “There are three dinosaurs in each site. You keep what you find.” 

A paleontologist is a scientist who studies the history of life on Earth through fossil records. Fossils are the evidence of past life on the planet and can include those formed from animal bodies or their imprints. They compare fossils to find clues about early organisms and how they lived.

Dig Day was offered during the 2021 summer reading program called “Tails and Tales.” Children were given containers filled with hardened sand to mimic the ground. Buried in each container were dinosaurs. 

The word “dinosaur” comes from two Greek words and means terrible lizard. Children found toy Tyrannosaurus rex, Nyasasaurus, Stegosaurs, Brontosaurus, Tri-ceratops, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, Dilo-phosaurus and others were pulled from the ground. 

“It’s a Pterodactyl,” said Mary Frances Bauer, 6, who was among the children able to make a correct identification.

Bauer’s mother says she enjoys watching “Dinosaur Train” on PBS.

After the dig, but before lunchtime, Chapman read “Dinosaur Adventures: T. Rex – The Big Scare” by Fran Bromage. Rex is the biggest and baddest of the dinosaurs: a Tyrannosaurus rex, but even the scariest creature can be scared. 

The library offers a free summer reading program to instill a love for reading at an early age, as well as to offer games and crafts to help children learn new skills, develop unseen talents, foster creativity, and to help them stay mentally fit and active. 

On July 22, the summer reading experience will go from digging up extinct animals to experiences those that are not: Zoo Animals. Then, 2021 Summer Reading Tails and Tales comes to an end.

Friday, July 23 is party day for participating children.