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Knowles hurt in motorcycle crash
Motorcycle crash.jpg
The rider was injured and transported to Ascension Saint Thomas River Park Hospital following this motorcycle crash Friday night.

A motorcycle rider has been charged with evading arrest following a Friday night crash off Manchester Highway on Pistole Lane.

McMinnville resident Brandon Knowles, 32, was injured in the wreck that happened around 10:30 p.m. 

According to state trooper Wade Myers, the motorcycle caught his attention around Southern Central Iron on Manchester Highway because it did not have an operational tail light. He began following the motorcycle as it traveled inbound.

“Without that tail light, you could hardly see him,” said Myers.

After passing WCHS and going up a hill on the bypass, Myers said the motorcycle made a left turn onto Pistole Lane. At that point, Myers said he activated his blue lights and the motorcycle accelerated rapidly.

“As soon as I turned on my blue lights, he turned it on,” said Myers. “I bet he was going 90 mph. When he topped a hill, he went to flipping and rolling. I had to take evasive action not to hit him. He tried to claim his accelerator got stuck but that wasn’t the case at all. My camera will show differently.”

Knowles was riding a 2012 Yamaha Z6R. Trooper Myers said Knowles made it about three-tenths of a mile before crashing.

“I asked him what was wrong and he said he was hurting all over,” said Myers. “It looked like he had some road rash and lacerations and was complaining of ankle pain. They were doing a bunch of stuff on him at the hospital.”

Myers said he did not wait on Knowles to be released from the hospital to arrest him. Instead, he cited him to appear in court on July 22 on charges of evading arrest and driving without a motorcycle license.