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Kindness Club spreads joy

Morrison Elementary Kindness Club members told school system officials what they liked best about the club at the Warren County School Board meeting Monday night.

The Kindness Club was started at Morrison four years ago by Christy Farless and April Murphy and it is for students in grades 3-8, but right now the club members are only in grades 3-5. The club helps encourage students to be kind and spread kindness around the school and the community.

“We saw the importance of teaching the children how to be kind. So every month we have meetings and at those meetings we talk to them about things they can do to promote kindness in their school and hopefully in the community,” said Farless. 

Each month the club tries to do something nice for the staff at Morrison School.

“Every month we try to do something special for our faculty and staff members so this month we made bunnies,” Farless.

This month they also made chicks for the board members and gave them a smiley face sticker to help remind them to always be kind. Members of the Kindness Club told the board members what they liked best about the club. 

“I like participating in the Kindness Club at Morrison Elementary School because it is so much fun to do kind activities like giving the lunch ladies candy,” said Genevie Lugo Yanez.

“Why I like participating in Kindness Club is because the kids here show each other respect,” said Ella Adcock.

“What I like about kindness club is that we made bunnies for the staff members,” said Molly Harris.

“One of the things that I like to do at kindness club is to do kind things for teachers,” said Sarah Greer.

“I like participating in the Kindness Club at Morrison Elementary School because our goal is to make other people happy,” said Aiden Potter.

Some of the board members got into the spirit of kindness and put on their stickers. 

“I put my smiley face on and I am going to wear it the rest of the meeting and hopefully I will be kind,” said Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows.