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Kids of the Community treated to day at fair
Kids of the Community.jpg
Two Kids of the Community members enjoy a dip in the corn during the organization's day at the fair.

The Kids of the Community got started early at the fair Friday making their way through the chicken house and corn box before heading over to the rides. The children enjoyed a few hours of complimentary rides, sweets and food.

Organizer Barry Dishman said, “We started this program 24 years ago and, basically, the reason we always have done Fair Day is because it’s a huge tradition for most Warren Countians. So it’s become a tradition for this group as well.

“Most of the children that we had couldn’t afford to go to the fair,” he added. “We usually get sponsorships every year, to get somebody to sponsor a child. We get them an armband so they can do unlimited rides. Some of the food booths are just wonderful and give us free meals for the children.”

The kids stay from about 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Fair Friday and top the day off with either a free cotton candy or candy apple. About 125 children came out to participate in the fair festivities and over 20 volunteers were present to help lead the kids in groups.

Kids of the Community has programs throughout the year after school, on Saturdays, breaks from school and, according to Dishman, the children enrolled spend about 30,000 collective hours in June and July with the program.

“We just take children who wouldn’t have access to participate in the fair; this has kind of always been their day to shine.”