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Kennel sought with any leftover grant money
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The county’s Health and Welfare Committee is looking to secure a new kennel for Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center if any Governor’s Grant money happens not to be used. 

Health and Welfare Committee members met to discuss what they would purchase should any Governor’s Grant money come available to them.

“What we are here for tonight is in case something happens where some of the Governor’s Grant money is not spent, we want to have through our committee what we would like to request for Animal Control,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher. “Because if we don’t we could miss an opportunity. That is not saying we will get another opportunity, but it is saying that if we do we will already have it through committee.”

Animal Control director Sherri Bradley brought two options for the committee to consider. 

The first was a 14x24 kennel that is enclosed and holds seven dogs and has a 5-foot wide feed alley for $49,000. 

The second option was five additional kennels similar to, but better than, the ones they currently have for $36,000. The second option requires concrete to be poured, whereas the first option can be placed anywhere. 

“This is if it isn’t all spent,” said Wilcher. “I know there are a lot of people wanting a lot of different things, but in case some of it doesn’t pass and there is still money left, we will have at least talked about it in our committee and approved something so it doesn’t have to come back to committee because this has to be spent by June 30.”

The committee made a motion that if they have the option to use Governor’s Grant money they will use it on the seven additional kennels for $49,000.