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Ken Martin resigns from commission
Warren County 3rd District Commissioner Ken Martin has submitted his resignation.

Warren County 3rd District Commissioner Ken Martin has submitted his resignation effective May 1.
“This isn’t something I want to do,” said Martin. “I have no choice but to resign. I’m moving into the 2nd District. I’ve enjoyed my time serving my constituents in the 3rd District.”
Martin was elected to a four-year term in 2014.
“I’m in my fourth term,” said Martin. “I’m coming up on 15 years. When I ran, I said I would try to make a little difference and I hope I’ve done that. We’ve gotten a lot accomplished with new schools, renovations and improvements, and with the jail. I’m just one person though. I hope I’ve helped make a little difference.”
He has no immediate plans to run for election in the 2nd District against Commissioners Carl E. Bouldin and Diane Starkey.
“This will probably wind it up for me,” said Martin. “I can’t say for sure because maybe an option will open up. I like the two commissioners in the 2nd District. They are both doing fine jobs and I have no desire to run against them. I’ll miss it though. I can tell you that. ”
Appointment of a commissioner to fill the vacancy will be included on the May docket. Any commissioner can make a nomination. The individual must live in the 3rd District, be at least 18 years old and be a qualified voter of the 3rd District.
The first person who receives a majority vote from the 23-member Warren County Commission will be appointed to fill the seat until the next election, which is August 2018 when all 24 seats are up for grabs.