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Keeping our parks clean
Dog waste receptacles1 color
McMinnville Parks and Recreation hopes dog owners take advantage of new dog waste receptacles.

The wooden stations offering bags for dog waste disposal are being replaced with receptacles.

“We are replacing all existing ones,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “Many of our existing ones were made from wood and were deteriorating. We are working to update our parks in any way we can.”

Parks are a great way for owners and dogs to have fun together and exercise, McCord said. Offering a way to clean up after their pets is an effort to encourage them to keep the grounds clean and enjoyable for everyone. 

McCord used cost-saving measures to reduce the expense of the upgrade.

“We ordered 10 so we could get the price of $169 each and we also had a 20 percent coupon for any order over $99, which brought the cost to $133 each,” he said.

The old wooden stations were little more than holders for plastic grocery bags that people could use to clean up after their dogs. Used bags could then be thrown into the closest trashcan.

The new receptacles offer bags for disposal of waste.

However, the station also offers a mesh waste can for pet owners to utilize for disposal.