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Juveniles charged with shooting cars
Multiple motorists in Irving College area report damage

Two juveniles were charged last week after a night of alleged vandalism.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Department responded to multiple callers near Irving College on Tuesday, Jan. 24. According to the Sheriff’s Department, “Warren County deputies responded to multiple callers from the Irving College area advising that they were traveling in, or close to, the 7700 block of Beersheba Highway when they heard something striking their vehicles.”

Each of the victims allegedly found that the windows and/ or doors on their vehicles had been shot by an unknown weapon.

According to the Sheriff's Department, “Based on the statements of the victims, deputies responded to a home on Beersheba Highway, where they found two 14-year-old juveniles sitting on the porch. Upon speaking with the juveniles and their mothers, two BB guns were recovered from the scene and taken as evidence.”

One of the victims, Ginger Wanamaker said the incident scared her. She told the Standard, “I was heading home from town around 7:30 p.m. I got in front of the house where the shooting was, and I heard my car get hit.”

She didn’t see her car get hit because it was dark. Wanamaker added, “I didn’t know if I ran something over, so I just chalked it up to being gravel or something. When I got home, my husband got to looking and found

a hole underneath the mirror on the driver’s side.” She said the pellet hit her car pretty hard and almost penetrated the metal.

On Jan. 25, both juveniles were served with multiple petitions charging them with vandalism and reckless endangerment.