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Joseph Stotts to run for County Executive seat
Joseph Stotts campaign photo.jpg
Republican Joseph Stotts has announced his candidacy for Warren County Executive in 2022.

After much prayer and after almost three years of serving on the Warren County Commission as a District 3 Commissioner, Joseph Stotts is running for County Executive.

“I feel blessed to announce my candidacy for County Executive of Warren County,” said Stotts during a Thursday night event held in downtown McMinnville on The Lot. “As a Christian, I believe in dedication, responsibility, and putting the needs of others before my own. I believe in standing for what is true and just, and I am certain I can put Warren County first and stand by the word of God.”  

Stotts grew up in Morrison and is a 1996 graduate of Warren County High School. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree from MTSU in 2004, and a master’s in social work from the University of Tennessee in 2009.

Stotts is a licensed clinical social worker, currently working with Generations. He has 20 years of experience in counseling and handling business administrative duties. 

Joseph has been married to Mendy Stotts since 2010. Mendy has been an employee of Warren County High School since April 2019 and works as a counselor and also as a basketball and track & field coach for Warren County Middle School. The have two children, Bowman, 9, and Lucy Lee, 5.

“I believe our government was not created to tell us how to raise our family, how to run our businesses, or dictate our life in general,” said Stotts. “Instead, it was created to protect and to serve each and every one of us, and to foster community growth and protect our constitutional rights. As I start this journey for County Executive, I understand this is a positive of service. It is not about me. I have the goal of serving every single citizen of Warren County. If blessed to be elected, I will serve every single constituent of this great county to the fullest of my ability.”

Stotts added, “Warren County is the beautiful place we call home. Personally, I feel there is an abundance of opportunity. By listening to you, the citizen, we will work with our representatives on the County Commission to make smart and effective policy that will foster growth and opportunity for everyone. I believe in action. I believe in positive communication. I want to bring servant leadership back to Warren County. There is no “my” in Warren County. We are Warren County.”

Stotts is running as a Republican. The Republican Primary for the office of County Executive will be held in May 2022. The general election is in August 2022.