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Joe Harvey Band draws huge crowd
MSL Joe Harvey crowd1.jpg
If the popularity of the Joe Harvey Band has ever been in question, the large crowd in attendance Friday night laid the debate to rest.
MSL Joe Harvey band1.jpg
Pictured at right is lead singer Joe Harvey and Andy Wilhite on guitar

Friday’s weather forecast was cloudy with a definite chance of the Joe Harvey Band for the Main Street Live summer concert series. 

“Hi there, McMinnville,” said Harvey. “No quarantine. No rain. Isn’t this great? It’s been a while. Who can quickly add up how many days it’s been since the Joe Harvey Band played last?”

Kevin Harvey stated, “I’ve got shoes on. The highest I can get is 10.” 

Those humorous words were spoken to the largest crowd of the Main Street Live summer concert series for 2021. It was a packed lawn beside Security Federal Savings Bank. 

The set kicked off with “Honky Tonk Women” and continued with “Keep Your Hands to Yourself,” “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” “Sweet Melissa,” and “Take a Load off Annie.” 

Each song was met with hoots, hollers and rounds of applause in appreciation. 

Joe did take a moment to set the record straight. 

“Lisa (Hobbs) did a really nice write-up about us in the Southern Standard,” said Joe. “We really appreciated that. However, she did leave off part of my quote. When I said we were coming out of quarantine like a caged animal, it should have been ‘we were coming out of quarantine like a well-fed, poorly groomed caged animal.”

Laughter accompanied Joe patting his stomach and pulling his beard. 

Everyone was invited to an after party. 

“We’re going to head down to Begonias after this and enjoy some pizza and knock a few back,” said Joe. “We’ll be there…. I guess we’ll be there until they kick us out. Come join us. I’m even going to spin a few pizzas myself. I’m sure that doesn’t break any health codes. The health inspector won’t be there, so that’s good.”

Taking the Main Street Live stage this Friday night will be Utopia, a returning act. The performance band offers a little bit of everything, but more on that in Wednesday’s edition of the Southern Standard.