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Janitor avoids jail for bomb threat
Marlene Madewell was issued the sentence by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley.

The former Warren County High School custodian who caused pandemonium when she faked a bomb threat at the school will not face any jail time but will instead by confined to house arrest.
The woman, Marlene Madewell, 54, was issued the sentence by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley. She entered a guilty plea in May to the felony count of filing a false report and appeared before the court for a sentencing hearing last week.
Madewell requested a judicial diversion, meaning her criminal record would be erased at the end of her sentence, but the court refused that request, instead saying she would spend 90 days of her three-year sentence on house arrest, with the balance spent on probation. Her house arrest will be monitored by a tracking bracelet she must wear.
Madewell’s bomb threat came in April 2015, the day after Warren County High was evacuated and its students bused to the Civic Center for safety due to a bomb threat a student found scribbled on a boys bathroom wall at the school.
The high school was again evacuated the following day for a bomb threat, although this time students remained on school grounds while bomb dogs did their sweep. Again, nothing was found.
However, even as the sweep was being conducted, lawmen began zeroing in on Madewell as a suspect. She had been asked to go look in a bathroom that morning for any writing and came back to report threats had been scrawled on a pair of bathroom stalls.
Madewell confessed when confronted about the threats. Madewell, who is reportedly manic-depressive, had issues with her boss leading up to the incident, and had taken the opportunity for a bit of revenge.