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Jail seeks $40K for bean pots
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Warren County Jail officials are looking to spend $40,000 to replace two bean pots for the kitchen.

Sheriff Tommy Myers gave an update to the county’s Safety and Beer Board Committee on Monday night and informed them he will be using grant money to replace the tilt skillet and bean pots in the jail kitchen.

“We needed a couple high-priced items for the kitchen, which one was that tilt skillet and a bean pot. They have been going up for a couple years. For the past two or three years we have been trying to keep them going. The prices have gone up and they are about $20,000 apiece,” said Myers.

“For a bean pot?” asked Commissioner Christy Ross.

“Yes, $20,000 for a bean pot,” answered Myers.

Myers said their maintenance person Greg Bowdoin said the equipment needed to be replaced and when he got the quotes it was $40,000 for two of them. Commissioner Gary Prater asked Myers when the equipment was first installed.

“I think Greg told me they were over 15 years old,” said Myers.

“And they are used just about seven days a week?” asked Prater.

“Every day,” replied Myers.

“That is the worst that is it right there. That stuff don’t last forever plus people don’t want to work on them anymore,” said Prater.

Myers also said that when they do need a service tech to work on them it is also a lot of money. Getting the new kitchen equipment in could also take a while. Myers says as soon as they know all the money is there to purchase the items he plans on ordering them.