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Jail inmate numbers dip
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Overcrowding at Warren County Jail has eased somewhat with the total number of inmates dropping to 286, which is 35 over capacity. 

There’s no clear reason behind the decline.

“Looks like you have your numbers down to 286,” said Commissioner Steven Helton, during a county Corrections Partnership Committee meeting.

Helton asked if the reduction was caused by the Tennessee Department of Corrections removing its inmates. “Is that from the help getting some of the state guys out?”

Jail administrator Jackie Rackley said, “Not really. No. We don’t know why it dropped.”

Of the 286 inmates, 45 are considered state inmates being housed locally. The last time numbers were provided, the state inmate population was 64.

Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker said the state reviewed those inmates and approved less than one-third for transfer, refusing to accept the remaining 45. 

“Of the 60-something that were here at the time, there were only 19 the state would accepted,” Walker said. “Some have less than a year of their sentence to serve. The state won’t accept those.” 

Inmate population by gender: 232 male and 54 female.