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Jail improvements deemed impressive
Robert Hennessee.jpg
Robert Hennessee

Improvements at Warren County Jail have been called “impressive” by Commissioner Robert Hennessee. 

The county Building and Grounds Committee toured the facility to inspect changes being made. Specifically, there is an expansion that will be used for storage and the existing storage area inside the jail will then be renovated and used to offer inmate programs aimed at reducing recidivism. 

“It was impressive,” said Hennessee, after touring the facility. “You can see something on a blueprint but until you see it coming together, you can’t get a good idea. It was nice to see the progress being made.”

The exploration began on the inside of the jail where records and other items are being housed. 

“This will be our new program space, something we desperately need,” said Sheriff’s Major Jason Walker, who led the tour. “They’ve already begun working on it. They’re adding walls and creating the different spaces. Once the storage area is complete, all of this will be moved into it. Counseling will be in this office.”

Commissioners toured the areas for inmate booking, administrative offices, and finished outside where construction is underway for an addition that will be used for storage to allow room inside for programs. 

“It’s a big space,” said Hennessee of the addition. “Being large enough to grow into is a great thing. It’s not something that will be crowded as soon as they move into it. That’s fantastic, given the amount of paperwork that’s likely generated. Records that they must keep.”

Hennessee also commented on the cleanliness of the facility, “I was really impressed with the total effort on everyone’s part to make this a nice-looking facility. The walls are clean. The floors are clean. That’s commendable, because it’s not easy to do when you have a lot of human traffic,” he said. 

A timeframe for completion of the expansion/ renovation at the jail is unknown.